Because Of… The charisma. #Alexanderplatz

analog photoblog, street style

analog photoblog, street style

I was already late. While I was taking pictures I missed another tram but the light was so nice I just couldn’t stop searching for the next person to take a picture off. Suddenly I saw this man looking so beautiful! He was so nice and so vibrant. It was his face that attracted my attention. On second glance, I saw that he was wearing very nice clothes. I enjoyed taking his picture a lot and I love his smile.

Because Of… the coolness:-). #Skalitzer Straße

Berlin street style

It was just a short moment this guy had to stop at the traffic lights, and this was my moment. I jumped at him and asked him if I could take a snap of him. He stayed so calm and so relaxed as he had been doing it all his life. I had few seconds to get this picture. And I’m glad I did! He was just so confident and completely cool on his bike with his Lennon sunglasses.

Because Of… Striped t-shirt? #Kottbusser Damm

The Street was crowded like it always that time of day. Many people walking up and down and from time to time a bicycle in between. Suddenly I saw this guy. Actually, I saw his striped t-shirt at glance. I like these t-shirts so much. I had a period when I was wearing them all time. I bought them in several variants, Some of them with just very small differences between them. I walked towards this guy and I thought: This is just perfect. He had such a nice face and the t-shirt in the combination with his classic cut trousers was so great. For a brief moment I was thinking of this cliché: The French have to be wearing striped t-shirt in this exact way. I was smiling in my mind when I asked Loic after taking pictures of him where is he from.

Because Of… the character. #Skalitzer Strasse

This was the first time somebody that I wanted to ask for a picture actually started talking to me first. Apparently, my camera caught his interest.
He turned out to be a really nice guy and we had a little chat about photography before I asked him for a picture. It was much easier for me to ask him for a shot that way. I’m really happy he agreed as I thought he was really charismatic.



Because Of… white glasses. #Kottbusser Damm


And the traffic light turned red again. I saw this guy with these amazing white glasses. He looked great with them. As he got closer I saw that he was carrying a silver bag. It looked fantastic. The traffic light turned green again but I had to stop him for a picture. It worked and I was happy to get this photo.

Because Of… the way of hanging around. #Admiral Bruecke

I was sitting on the bridge, looking around, observing people who passed and then suddenly, I looked up and saw this guy sitting on the wall. It was not only how he looked like but also the way he was sitting there. So relaxed but in a way focused as well. The background, the bike under his feet used as a stool. To me, it seemed like it was just made for a photo. I didn’t want to disturb him but I wanted to take the picture so much. After I had asked him, we talked a little. We talked about cameras and photography. I got to know that he is a performance artist and musician. It was very nice to break the anonymity. If you want to check his art, it´s:

Because Of… the big sympathy. #Kottbusser Brücke

I was done with making photos for the day and I wanted to finish it with nice lemon ice-cream. I was standing in a queue when I noticed this guy. Perhaps it was the glasses once again. (By now I got already my own first glasses, so I assume that my obsession with the glasses will go away.) I just found this guy so nice and interesting that I left the queue to ask him for a photo. I was so focused on taking pictures of him, that I didn’t hear a bicycle running into me. But obviously, he did see it:-)

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