Because Of… Striped t-shirt? #Kottbusser Damm

The Street was crowded like it always that time of day. Many people walking up and down and from time to time a bicycle in between. Suddenly I saw this guy. Actually, I saw his striped t-shirt at glance. I like these t-shirts so much. I had a period when I was wearing them all time. I bought them in several variants, Some of them with just very small differences between them. I walked towards this guy and I thought: This is just perfect. He had such a nice face and the t-shirt in the combination with his classic cut trousers was so great. For a brief moment I was thinking of this cliché: The French have to be wearing striped t-shirt in this exact way. I was smiling in my mind when I asked Loic after taking pictures of him where is he from.

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