Because Of… the flower dress. # Weserstrasse

redhead woman in flower dress

redhead woman in flower dress

I got out of Berlin for a holiday. It was a lucky decision to go into the Swiss mountains and run away from the Berlin summer heat. After that, I went to see my family in Prag. Once I was back in Berlin, I went for a drink with one of my very good friends. I didn’t plan on taking photos this day. I had a lot of things to do. But when I saw Bara in that flower dress, I was amazed. It was a very untypical outfit for her.  Usually, she is wearing dresses in a single colour and without print. I can’t remember to see her in such a romantic style. She looked so amazing in that dress. Her beautiful shiny red hair looked marvellous in the sunset, and I had no other choice but to ask her for a snap 🙂

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