Because Of… the colours. #Wiener Strasse

Berlin street style

Berlin street style

Berlin street style

Berlin street style

My phone started to ring, and I was trying to get it from my bag when I got distracted by these two great women. Colourful hair, dinosaurs as earrings, vibrant spirit. I forgot the phone and walked up to them to ask them for a photo. They were so, and I got really fascinated with their happy energy.

Because Of… the orange cap. #Ohlauer Strasse

Berlin street style

berlin street fashion

I was happy when I woke up and saw a cloudy sky. I knew that this is my perfect day for taking pictures. This is my little schizophrenia because usually, a bright blue sky is one of these things that make me happy.

But for taking pictures, a cloudy sky makes for better light.

I was hoping to run in some interesting people whom I can ask for a photo and when I saw this tremendous bright orange cap I knew this is it. The woman who was wearing it was beautiful and, and I was enjoying the shoot.

Because Of… new COS dress. #Kottbusser Damm

berlin street style woman in the coss dress

Finally the day I was looking forward to for such a long time. My best friend Veronika who lives in Czech was going to visit me once again. It’s always a high occasion when she visits. She has two children and is busy with work so she can only visit me two times per year.

When she comes to Berlin, we already have our habits like having Turkish breakfast by Simitdchi or a going on a bus trip on the M29 while chatting about life and eating frozen yoghurt even when is very cold outside. We also love drinking beer in Prinzengarten, and the very first thing she does when she comes to visit is to go to her favourite shop the COS store. And because Veronika is a beautiful woman who bought gorgeous COS dress and I happen to love taking pictures of beautiful women in beautiful dresses. I had to ask her for a photo:-)

Because Of… the yellow dress. #Alexander Platz

Berlin street style

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

It was the last pictures left on my film in my camera. Suddenly I saw this amazing colour. Shiny bright yellow. I loved the dress, and I was mesmerised when I saw this beautiful woman who was wearing it. She was like from a fashion magazine.

I rushed over to her to ask her for a photo. She was so lovely and so natural. I looked at her through a viewfinder, and I got excited about it. I pushed the button and…nothing happened. The camera stayed quiet. I checked everything and tried once more, and once again, still without any response from my camera.  At that moment I didn’t know what worse, not getting the picture of this beautiful woman or to realise that my camera is broken.

I apologised to the woman. She walked away, and I was left with my camera confused and sad. Then I got angry with myself, and I checked once again everything on the camera until I checked the last thing left – the simplest and one of the most common mistakes – the battery was empty! I put a new one in, and the camera made that noise I love so much. I looked around searching for the woman in yellow. I didn’t see her, but I didn’t want to give up, so I went to the nearest shop in the hope to find her.

And I did!


Because Of… not only the skirt. #Alexander Platz

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

I took my last film and put it in my camera. Then I wrote my friend that I´m very sorry because I will be late for the dinner. I realised that as long as I had film left to shoot there would be no way I would get on the tram. At this moment I turned around, and I saw this beautiful woman wearing this fantastic skirt. She attracted my attention with her fairy pale skin and her shiny blond hair. It was in such contrast with her nice tattoos and her rock style. When I asked her if I could take a picture of her, She was startled, and I had to promise that it would only take a few minutes. I had the feeling that she was uncomfortable having her picture taken in front of all the people passing by but she was doing it so well.


Because Of… the dress and the silver bag. #Dircksenstrasse

woman in an adidas dress

Woman in an adidas dress with a silver bag


I was waiting for a tram when I saw this girl. I liked very much how she looked. The beautiful Adidas dress and her bag that had the same colour as her shoes were just great.  She was standing in front of a large grey big wall – the perfect background for a portrait. I was happy when she agreed to have her picture taken.


Because Of… the tattoo. #Tempelhofer Feld

Berlin street style, analog photography

I was hanging out at Tempelhofer Feld with friends watching the world cup on the big screen. One of the best places in Berlin to chill out and do whatever you like. Because of this well-known fact, it wasn’t a surprise that it was too packed to see the screen. So we couldn’t see the game at all. It didn’t bother us though. We had fun chatting and from time to time we were trying to catch a glimpse of the screen over the heads of all the people. I only brought my small camera with me, and when this woman who was a friend of a friend, whom I didn’t know before, sat with us, I instantly regretted not bringing my “professional” camera with me. She was amazing. A stylish hat and fabulous sunglasses. But when she turned, and I saw this tattoo I had to take a picture for my blog even with my small camera.

Because Of… the hat and vest. # Kottbusser Damm

Berlin street style, analog photography

I put my camera in the bag. It had teen minutes left bevor the supermarket close and I had to buy something for my breakfast. I was in hurry. Suddenly I saw this woman. My stomach was telling me not to stop and tried to distract me with the thoughts about blueberries, dark chocolate and greek yoghurt. It works for a few steps, but then I have to turn back. Even the image of dark chocolate could not help. I run back while unpacking my camera ones again. I ask the woman for a photo and she was very nice to me. She was worried to look too tired for a picture but she absolutely doesn’t. I like this photo of her very much.

PS: The great hat and the vest are made Oliver Sinz, a good friend of her. If you like this is the website of this talented tailor

Because Of… her vibrant spirit. #Kottbusser Tor

Berlin street style

Berlin street style

When I saw this woman, it was like everything was disappearing, and I felt like at a summer music festival. Her vibrant spirit was overwhelming. She was beautiful and just so authentic.

Because Of… the colour combination? #Adalbertstrasse

Berlin street style, analog photography

street style Berlin, analog Photography, street style, Berlin style

I was hungry so when I saw the Turkish fruit stand I went straight in that direction. But then I got distracted away from the nice fresh cherries to the beautiful combination of colours of the clothes that this girl was wearing. And then away from those vibrant red and yellow colours to her beautiful face. She spoke to someone on the phone and I didn’t want to disturb her. I loved this particular photo of her. Especially her looking into the camera. She remained so natural and she was just so lovely.


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