Because Of… the yellow dress. #Alexander Platz

Berlin street style

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

It was the last pictures left on my film in my camera. Suddenly I saw this amazing colour. Shiny bright yellow. I loved the dress, and I was mesmerised when I saw this beautiful woman who was wearing it. She was like from a fashion magazine.

I rushed over to her to ask her for a photo. She was so lovely and so natural. I looked at her through a viewfinder, and I got excited about it. I pushed the button and…nothing happened. The camera stayed quiet. I checked everything and tried once more, and once again, still without any response from my camera.  At that moment I didn’t know what worse, not getting the picture of this beautiful woman or to realise that my camera is broken.

I apologised to the woman. She walked away, and I was left with my camera confused and sad. Then I got angry with myself, and I checked once again everything on the camera until I checked the last thing left – the simplest and one of the most common mistakes – the battery was empty! I put a new one in, and the camera made that noise I love so much. I looked around searching for the woman in yellow. I didn’t see her, but I didn’t want to give up, so I went to the nearest shop in the hope to find her.

And I did!


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