Because Of… the yellow dress. #Alexander Platz

Berlin street style

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

It was the last pictures left on my film in my camera. Suddenly I saw this amazing colour. Shiny bright yellow. I loved the dress, and I was mesmerised when I saw this beautiful woman who was wearing it. She was like from a fashion magazine.

I rushed over to her to ask her for a photo. She was so lovely and so natural. I looked at her through a viewfinder, and I got excited about it. I pushed the button and…nothing happened. The camera stayed quiet. I checked everything and tried once more, and once again, still without any response from my camera.  At that moment I didn’t know what worse, not getting the picture of this beautiful woman or to realise that my camera is broken.

I apologised to the woman. She walked away, and I was left with my camera confused and sad. Then I got angry with myself, and I checked once again everything on the camera until I checked the last thing left – the simplest and one of the most common mistakes – the battery was empty! I put a new one in, and the camera made that noise I love so much. I looked around searching for the woman in yellow. I didn’t see her, but I didn’t want to give up, so I went to the nearest shop in the hope to find her.

And I did!


Because Of… not only the skirt. #Alexander Platz

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

Berlin street style, analog Photoblog

I took my last film and put it in my camera. Then I wrote my friend that I´m very sorry because I will be late for the dinner. I realised that as long as I had film left to shoot there would be no way I would get on the tram. At this moment I turned around, and I saw this beautiful woman wearing this fantastic skirt. She attracted my attention with her fairy pale skin and her shiny blond hair. It was in such contrast with her nice tattoos and her rock style. When I asked her if I could take a picture of her, She was startled, and I had to promise that it would only take a few minutes. I had the feeling that she was uncomfortable having her picture taken in front of all the people passing by but she was doing it so well.


Because Of… The charisma. #Alexanderplatz

analog photoblog, street style

analog photoblog, street style

I was already late. While I was taking pictures I missed another tram but the light was so nice I just couldn’t stop searching for the next person to take a picture off. Suddenly I saw this man looking so beautiful! He was so nice and so vibrant. It was his face that attracted my attention. On second glance, I saw that he was wearing very nice clothes. I enjoyed taking his picture a lot and I love his smile.

Because Of… the dress and the silver bag. #Dircksenstrasse

woman in an adidas dress

Woman in an adidas dress with a silver bag


I was waiting for a tram when I saw this girl. I liked very much how she looked. The beautiful Adidas dress and her bag that had the same colour as her shoes were just great.  She was standing in front of a large grey big wall – the perfect background for a portrait. I was happy when she agreed to have her picture taken.


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