Because Of… the hat and vest. # Kottbusser Damm

Berlin street style, analog photography

I put my camera in the bag. It had teen minutes left bevor the supermarket close and I had to buy something for my breakfast. I was in hurry. Suddenly I saw this woman. My stomach was telling me not to stop and tried to distract me with the thoughts about blueberries, dark chocolate and greek yoghurt. It works for a few steps, but then I have to turn back. Even the image of dark chocolate could not help. I run back while unpacking my camera ones again. I ask the woman for a photo and she was very nice to me. She was worried to look too tired for a picture but she absolutely doesn’t. I like this photo of her very much.

PS: The great hat and the vest are made Oliver Sinz, a good friend of her. If you like this is the website of this talented tailor

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