Because Of… new COS dress. #Kottbusser Damm

berlin street style woman in the coss dress

Finally the day I was looking forward to for such a long time. My best friend Veronika who lives in Czech was going to visit me once again. It’s always a high occasion when she visits. She has two children and is busy with work so she can only visit me two times per year.

When she comes to Berlin, we already have our habits like having Turkish breakfast by Simitdchi or a going on a bus trip on the M29 while chatting about life and eating frozen yoghurt even when is very cold outside. We also love drinking beer in Prinzengarten, and the very first thing she does when she comes to visit is to go to her favourite shop the COS store. And because Veronika is a beautiful woman who bought gorgeous COS dress and I happen to love taking pictures of beautiful women in beautiful dresses. I had to ask her for a photo:-)

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