Because Of… the tattoo. #Tempelhofer Feld

Berlin street style, analog photography

I was hanging out at Tempelhofer Feld with friends watching the world cup on the big screen. One of the best places in Berlin to chill out and do whatever you like. Because of this well-known fact, it wasn’t a surprise that it was too packed to see the screen. So we couldn’t see the game at all. It didn’t bother us though. We had fun chatting and from time to time we were trying to catch a glimpse of the screen over the heads of all the people. I only brought my small camera with me, and when this woman who was a friend of a friend, whom I didn’t know before, sat with us, I instantly regretted not bringing my “professional” camera with me. She was amazing. A stylish hat and fabulous sunglasses. But when she turned, and I saw this tattoo I had to take a picture for my blog even with my small camera.

Because Of… the coolness:-). #Skalitzer Straße

Berlin street style

It was just a short moment this guy had to stop at the traffic lights, and this was my moment. I jumped at him and asked him if I could take a snap of him. He stayed so calm and so relaxed as he had been doing it all his life. I had few seconds to get this picture. And I’m glad I did! He was just so confident and completely cool on his bike with his Lennon sunglasses.

Because Of… the hat and vest. # Kottbusser Damm

Berlin street style, analog photography

I put my camera in the bag. It had teen minutes left bevor the supermarket close and I had to buy something for my breakfast. I was in hurry. Suddenly I saw this woman. My stomach was telling me not to stop and tried to distract me with the thoughts about blueberries, dark chocolate and greek yoghurt. It works for a few steps, but then I have to turn back. Even the image of dark chocolate could not help. I run back while unpacking my camera ones again. I ask the woman for a photo and she was very nice to me. She was worried to look too tired for a picture but she absolutely doesn’t. I like this photo of her very much.

PS: The great hat and the vest are made Oliver Sinz, a good friend of her. If you like this is the website of this talented tailor

Because Of… her vibrant spirit. #Kottbusser Tor

Berlin street style

Berlin street style

When I saw this woman, it was like everything was disappearing, and I felt like at a summer music festival. Her vibrant spirit was overwhelming. She was beautiful and just so authentic.

Because Of… the colour combination? #Adalbertstrasse

Berlin street style, analog photography

street style Berlin, analog Photography, street style, Berlin style

I was hungry so when I saw the Turkish fruit stand I went straight in that direction. But then I got distracted away from the nice fresh cherries to the beautiful combination of colours of the clothes that this girl was wearing. And then away from those vibrant red and yellow colours to her beautiful face. She spoke to someone on the phone and I didn’t want to disturb her. I loved this particular photo of her. Especially her looking into the camera. She remained so natural and she was just so lovely.


Because Of… the black dress? #Planufer

analog photography, street style

I liked very much how this woman looked. Her shiny blond short hair and simple dress reminded me of the english model Twiggy. This woman was so casual yet so stylish. Her round sunglasses gave her a really cheerful look which matched her character as i was about to find out.


Because Of… Striped t-shirt? #Kottbusser Damm

The Street was crowded like it always that time of day. Many people walking up and down and from time to time a bicycle in between. Suddenly I saw this guy. Actually, I saw his striped t-shirt at glance. I like these t-shirts so much. I had a period when I was wearing them all time. I bought them in several variants, Some of them with just very small differences between them. I walked towards this guy and I thought: This is just perfect. He had such a nice face and the t-shirt in the combination with his classic cut trousers was so great. For a brief moment I was thinking of this cliché: The French have to be wearing striped t-shirt in this exact way. I was smiling in my mind when I asked Loic after taking pictures of him where is he from.

Because Of… blue. #Pflügerstrasse

It is a great thing when you meet one of your friends and she looks amazing (like always). And when she crosses with her blue sweatshirt a wall that has the same colour. You just have to take pictures of her!

Because Of… the character. #Skalitzer Strasse

This was the first time somebody that I wanted to ask for a picture actually started talking to me first. Apparently, my camera caught his interest.
He turned out to be a really nice guy and we had a little chat about photography before I asked him for a picture. It was much easier for me to ask him for a shot that way. I’m really happy he agreed as I thought he was really charismatic.



Because Of… white glasses. #Kottbusser Damm


And the traffic light turned red again. I saw this guy with these amazing white glasses. He looked great with them. As he got closer I saw that he was carrying a silver bag. It looked fantastic. The traffic light turned green again but I had to stop him for a picture. It worked and I was happy to get this photo.

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